What is the Parent Coalition? 

We are a group of Macomb County parents connecting each other to local resources and activities helping our kids grow from baby to reader. Parents play a critical role in the healthy development of their infants and young children.  Great Start Macomb recognizes the value and expertise of parents. The Great Start Parent Coalition supports efforts to engage, empower and recruit parent leaders

Parent Coaltion Purposes

Provide a “customer” perspective for the Great Start Collaborative.

Educate community members about the importance of early childhood.

Support the Great Start Collaborative’s work toward achieving Michigan’s Early Childhood Outcomes.

Provide information, education, and resources to parents raising young children.

Joining is easy! Just start coming to any of our events below.

Parent Liaison

Please reach out to any of our staff members if you have questions.

Susan Ehlich
Co-Parent Liaison

Kim Morales
Co-Parent Liaison